Connatix named by Forbes: 10 Enterprise Technologies Sizzling This Summer

The Most Advanced Marketplace for Native Advertising

Connatix is a smart solution allowing brands to feature their content across web and mobile media properties in a real native way. Content is displayed with a similar look and feel of other story items and users view it on the same platform. Using Connatix marketplace, brands can target their relevant audience while optimizing their budget for best results.

Connatix connects publishers and advertisers intelligently creating a seamless advertising user experience
A Cutting edge technology that performs matching in real time to bring the best story to the most relevant user at the best price point."Cutting edge technology matching in real time the best story to the most relevant user at the best rate
Native ad placements are published with the similar look and feel of the site news feed, allowing advertisers to display branded content as an integral part of the publisher site


Connatix Native Exchange programmatically places content you create for your brand across relevant media sources with one click of a button. Your audience views it as any other story items on their favorite sites



Connatix creates new premium monetization sources for true native advertising on your sites. Programmatically place branded stories within your news feed, with a similar look and feel to the editorial content. Provide a seamless user experience while maximizing your revenue